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10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

Because… they’re AWESOME! These Instagram accounts are a dolly mixture. Some make me laugh, some make me think, or want to travel more. Mostly, they’re uplifting, encourage self-love and are ordinary, everyday moments documented – my favorite kind <3.

Disclaimer: I don’t believe in following any IG accounts that make me feel lesser than I am or strike envy. But I can appreciate well put together posts, and know that people represent the best version of themselves on platforms such as these. Take everything in with a grain or two of salt, and remember that it’s totally okay not to have “perfectly-styled” hair every day with makeup that doesn’t budge, or wear designer clothes that cost $$$ all on a size 2 frame whilst jetting off to a different country every week. For most, life isn’t like that, including mine and hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Embrace YOU.

1. Winning Me Over

This is a really awesome account for regrams. You can use the hashtag #winningmeover when you gram a shot of your city (or wherever you may be), and they pick the best to share. For us wanderlusters, proceed with caution. It may result in a lengthy travel bucket list.

2. Insta2yearold

This account is hilarious. It’s a NYC based blogger ‘gramming life from the point of view of her two year old daughter Harlow. What really makes this account though, are the captions that go with the images, sheer brilliance!

3. Loveyourlines

This account was created by two anonymous mums to encourage women of all ages, shapes and sizes to love their bodies. Specifically stretch marks and other indicators of weight being lost or gained due to pregnancy, growth spurts during teen years or whatever may have been the cause. They share their followers’ images (with permission of course) and their stories which are often relatable, familiar, confidence boosting, encouraging and heart-warming all at once.

4. The Everygirl

The Every Girl is a site that aims to speak to the masses, hence the name, and discusses various topics including trends, fashion, interiors, food, technology etc. Their IG feed is filled with styled spaces, people and yummy food.

5. kristinrogers

Kristin Rogers is a Photographer based in CA who shares photos of her daily life in all of its quirkiness, home-schooling her two girls. She has a series with her pet frog using the hashtag #ohmygoodnessmrhopkins and pet rabbit with #bitsofbitsy – just adorable!

6. Ashlee Gadd

Ashlee is a Blogger and Photographer living in Sacramento. She blogs about marriage, and life with her two beautiful little boys over at Where My Heart Resides and is the Founder of Coffee and Crumbs, a collaborative blog about Motherhood. Her writing is very moving, I’ve been reading her personal blog for over a year and C+C since it began last year. Her Insta is filled with cute little faces, excursions and beautiful interiors.

7. The Pink Diary

Ever wondered where those perfectly styled photos of folded clothing and accessories come from? It’s most probably this Instagram account. Their images are just that, with everything in the frame arranged perfectly on a clean background. Follow along for image styling info!

8. Elsie Larson/A Beautiful Mess Official

If you’re familiar with ABM at all you’ll know that these girls love color and DIY. Their Insta are always filled to the brim with bold shades, cute poses and homemade goodies, and are very well framed.

9. Danielle Laporte

The brains behind The Desire Map and setting goals based on your feelings, DLP if you don’t already know it, is pretty darn awesome. Danielle shares “Truthbombs” daily which are inspiring word/phrases/mantras to get you through just about anything. She also shares insight into her personal life and daily struggles/triumphs and her fur-baby Christopher Starbeam.

10. Humansofny

It would be pretty hard not to have heard of Humans of New York by now, even if you live under a rock. I LOVE PEOPLE (most days ha!) and I absolutely love what Brandon is doing here, and the fact that people have gotten real opportunities from being featured on HONY. The current story on Mott Hall Bridges Academy is truly inspiring and beautiful; I would be lying if I said it didn’t bring tears to my eyes following along.

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