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3 Reasons to start learning oud instrument now

The Oud is among the famous instruments in Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Greece. Its ancient name is “barbat” in Iran, known as “ούτι” in Greece. A similar instrument, with a particular figure mentioned in early records of Elam and made of clay, dates back to the 16th century. Ouds of the new age is carved from a single piece of wood similarly to old ouds, but the old ones’ body was smaller than today’s. Also, another difference is old ones’ chest was leather.

Arab sources record that until the famous musician Zelzel (d. 174/790), the stem and body of the oud were carved from the same piece of wood. The Oud instrument can be presumed that the body of it was created after Zelzel, not by cutting but by bringing tree slices side by side. Furthermore, the oud has a larger body and a wooden chest. Learning to play the oud is considered a tough job for many people. So, why should you learn to play the oud? Continue reading our article for detailed information about the characteristics of the oud and its types.

To become a better musician 

Even if many think playing the oud is complex and difficult, it is easy indeed. In just a few days, anyone can play a song or two.

Playing the oud is one of the most fun activities. Thanks to practice, anyone who is interested can acquire great knowledge. On the other hand, kids can learn to play the oud in a shorter time than adults. Some kids pick up a lute to impress others and want to try it out because a friend already plays the instrument. While adults can be in lack time and motivation.

It’s good for your brain         

Brain scans; described differences in brain structure between musicians and non-musicians. As a result of the research, it was observed that the corpus callosum, which connects the right and left parts of the brain and consists of several nerves, functions better in musicians. In addition, sections related to movement, hearing, and visual abilities are more prominent in professional musicians.

Various studies have found that playing a musical instrument strengthens the left side of the brain. Also, it has been stated that this allows children with music education to remember up to one-fifth of the information they have learned.

It’s fun

Oud, which is among our traditional musical instruments, is a very entertaining instrument. Like many musical instruments, the chest is made of leaves. The bam wire is usually the top wire.

Ouds used in Turkish music usually have a bam string. Many people have the desire to learn how to play the oud. Oud, which has a different and effective place among string instruments, is a musical instrument preferred and interested by people who deal with music. Learning also takes patience. But it’s easier and more fun than you think.

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