• Sportsmanship
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    Sportsmanship, Fair Play, and Ethical Values in Modern Cultural Context

    Sportsmanship, fair play, and ethical values form the bedrock of athletic competition, transcending mere physical prowess. In the modern cultural context, where sports have become a global spectacle, it is crucial to uphold these principles to ensure the integrity and positive impact of sports. 1. Defining Sportsmanship Sportsmanship encompasses the values of integrity, respect, and humility that athletes exhibit both on and off the field. It goes beyond the desire to win and extends to how athletes handle victory and defeat. Demonstrating good sportsmanship fosters camaraderie, builds character, and sets a positive example for others. 2. Fair Play Fair play forms the essence of equitable competition. It entails adhering to…

  • Wedding
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    Interesting Facts About Weddings

    Wedding Season The middle of the summer is wedding season in the U.S. and that means millions of couples across the continent are tying the knot. Whether you’re recently engaged, heading down the aisle soon, or just attending a wedding as a guest, these cool facts about weddings will put you in the nuptial mood. What’s in a name? According to ‘Wedding Ceremonies: Ethnic Symbols, Costume and Rituals,’ approximately 70 percent of Americans believe that a woman should take her husband’s last name after they’re married, even though there are no laws or religious dictates to set this precedence and have you psyched to celebrate the impending festivities! There may…