Extremely Essential Camera Skills

Ahead of my birthday for which I asked for all-things-photography-related, I treated myself to the Extremely Essential Photography Skills course from Photography Concentrate and oh my word it’s brilliant.

It’s a very easy-to-follow step by step guide to all the features and shooting modes on your camera with demonstrative videos, exercises and tips for each to make you thoroughly understand it all.  So far I have only worked about half way through taking my time and letting all the information sink in.  But I’m already a lot more confident with my camera and have moved completely away from auto.  Now using at the very least the semi-automatic settings like aperture priority to get that nice blurred background in my photos.

What makes this photography resource great is that it’s been put together by two self-taught photographers who really get that all the tech lingo just doesn’t get you psyched to learn how to get the most out of your amazing device.  I still have a way to go and need to work on my angling and composition but getting all the techy stuff down definitely helps and won’t occupy as much of my thinking when trying to frame a shot.

What’s more is that when I tweeted about having purchased my tutorial I mentioned that the download speed was really slow (as I’m in Outback Queensland) and Rob Lim (co-founder with wife Lauren) personally emailed me an alternative link for faster downloading – talk about customer service?! 

One thing I will say is that if you’re thinking of purchasing (which if like me you’re a little new to DSLRs you totally should check it out – a total bargain at $49.95US) all you need is a little time and patience to work through it.  I purchased on a Sunday morning as I’m often up early and feeling productive (I know weird right?).  I can’t wait to get to the end of the tutorial and know I will refer to it time and time again.  Plus you get a nifty little field guide to keep in your camera bag absolutely free when you purchase this tutorial.  Well worth the tiny investment that’ll save you tonnes of time and effort learning how to get the most out of your camera.  GO CHECK IT OUT.

Get More Views on YouTube

Do you want to get more views on YouTube? YouTube is currently ranked as the third most popular site on the internet! It is a very powerful tool for generating leads online. One of the most important strategies for gaining a YouTube following is producing quality content for your niche market. Some markets are more competitive than others, so it’s important to use the proper strategies to boost your YouTube video views.

Before going into the strategies, I would like to bring up something you should not do: I have noticed that some people are not being congruent in their titles and videos. For example, a title that says that a certain product is a horrible waste of money should NOT be followed by a video stating how great that product is! Sometimes people do this to grab the attention of the viewers, but the video should at least address what the title says. I see that tactic from time to time and it is just aggravating for the viewers out there. YouTube frowns upon this deceptive marketing practice as well. Keep your material congruent.

With that said, here are some technical guidelines that will boost your YouTube views.

Here are Some Technical Guidelines

1. Make sure to include your keyword in the video title, description, and meta tags. It’s a good idea to stick to around 5-10 tags for your video. These strategies will help your rankings with YouTube because you have relevant keywords. It’s a very competitive market out there, so it’s important to know what YouTube is looking for when ranking videos.

2. Comment on high traffic videos or leave a video response to the video. Search YouTube for videos in your market. Find videos that have a lot of views. Comment on these videos because this will increase your visibility on the YouTube network. You can also leave a video response to gain even more visibility if you wish.

3. Be active within the YouTube community. Find relevant videos, comment on them, make new friends, and subscribe to other people’s accounts. This will help to create a community for yourself within YouTube and gather more comments for your videos—which will give you better rankings.

4. Share your video on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. After posting your video on YouTube, make sure to share your video. There are buttons under your video that allow for sharing. You can post your video to your Facebook profile, your Twitter profile, and many others.

5. Create a blog post that has a link back to your video at YouTube. Make sure you have quality content on your blog. Write an informative blog post and embed your video within the blog post. This technique can funnel viewers from your blog to your videos. This is also a fairly simple action to take—under your YouTube video there is an option for embedding your video. Simply copy the code and paste it into your blog post.

There’s no doubt that YouTube is a great tool to expand your business. It’s also inexpensive to do! I mean, it’s free to have a YouTube account and upload videos. Just make sure that you have a decent video camera and don’t be afraid to put yourself on the internet! People want to see real people, so just be yourself. You can also do presentations on YouTube by recording PowerPoint slides…among other software methods out there. Take advantage of some of these methods and get more views on YouTube.