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  • Mileage Log Book For Taxes
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    Mileage Log Book For Taxes: Printed vs. Digital

    Mileage log books are a great way to track your car’s mileage and for tracking mileage for taxes. Some people prefer to keep a paper mileage log book, while others prefer to use a digital mileage log book. What Is a Mileage Log Book? A mileage log book is a book or online account that tracks the mileage of a vehicle. This simple mileage log may be kept on a vehicle dashboard or in a computer file. The online account may be accessed through a personal computer or a mobile device. The purpose of a mileage logbook is to track the distance traveled and to minimize the chance of fraud. A mileage…

  • Log Miles For Taxes
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    How To Log Miles For Taxes In 2022

    This blog is about how to log miles for taxes in 2022. If you’re looking to save on your taxes this year, you should consider keeping a vehicle mileage log! By logging your miles, you can deduct them from your taxable income. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when logging your miles for business mileage deduction, but overall, it’s a fairly easy process. If you’re interested in learning more about logging your miles for tax return, be sure to read on! What Is a Mileage Log Good for? There are many reasons to keep a mileage log. A mileage log can help you track…

  • Shyness is Okay Summary
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    Shyness is Okay

    The fortune-telling that hits is basically either practiced by yourself or viewed by a professional fortune-teller. If you practice it yourself, you can do it at home or in your room without worrying about the surroundings, but if you want a professional to see it, you will have a one-on-one relationship with a fortune-teller and have them fortune-telling while having a conversation. Therefore, for those who are shy, the hurdles are a little high. Even if you are a shy person, there is a way to have a professional occupy you with peace of mind. That is telephone fortune-telling. Telephone fortune-telling is, as the name suggests, a novel fortune-telling method in which people are…

  • Concentration
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    How to Get a Guy Notice You By Being Your Wonderful Self

    At the point when you like somebody, it tends to be difficult to concentrate on whatever else. What’s more, what you’re generally worried about is in the event that they like you back. What’s more, on the off chance that you realize they don’t, all you need to do is to realize how to get a person keen on you. Of course, you can simply continue being you and sitting tight for him to see you, yet why not take it up a score? Fortunately getting a person keen on you isn’t too hard. Folks may not be as straightforward as television and motion pictures portray them, yet standing out…

  • 10 Lessons
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    10 Lessons Learnt from One Year in Australia

    After just over one year in Australia I finally feel like I can part some wisdom to wannabe travellers those planning to flee the nest and see some of this amazing World we live in.  So Here Goes 1. Whatever you’ve saved it’s not enough – keep saving! It’s a lot more expensive than you think. 2. It won’t be that easy to get a job – especially if you head to a major city first.  The words ‘Working Holiday Visa’ do not appeal to employers offering entry-level (post uni) jobs – I applied for SO MANY marketing jobs, rarely worth your time.  Plus there’s so many others out there…

  • Pandemic
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    Project 28

    So, recently I was pretty bored at home. This pandemic and lockdown was on my nerves. With working from home you have a little extra time than usual. One day while I was sitting idle I came across this wonderful idea. Why don’t I do something exciting everyday and note it down in my diary. At the end of the month I would share this with you people. So here I am, Read and Make your Own List 1. I made some healthy whole meal pancakes and shared the recipe2. Mum always sends me pictures of Alfie being silly and whatnot, here he’s wearing mum’s glasses3. I felt a little bit…

  • Application
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    10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

    Because… they’re AWESOME! These Instagram accounts are a dolly mixture. Some make me laugh, some make me think, or want to travel more. Mostly, they’re uplifting, encourage self-love and are ordinary, everyday moments documented – my favorite kind <3. Disclaimer: I don’t believe in following any IG accounts that make me feel lesser than I am or strike envy. But I can appreciate well put together posts, and know that people represent the best version of themselves on platforms such as these. Take everything in with a grain or two of salt, and remember that it’s totally okay not to have “perfectly-styled” hair every day with makeup that doesn’t budge, or wear designer…