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How To Log Miles For Taxes In 2022

This blog is about how to log miles for taxes in 2022. If you’re looking to save on your taxes this year, you should consider keeping a vehicle mileage log! By logging your miles, you can deduct them from your taxable income.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when logging your miles for business mileage deduction, but overall, it’s a fairly easy process. If you’re interested in learning more about logging your miles for tax return, be sure to read on!

What Is a Mileage Log Good for?

There are many reasons to keep a mileage log. A mileage log can help you track your driving habits and identify any issues you may be having with your car. It can also help you learn about your driving style and how you can improve it.

A mileage log can be useful when you are looking to buy a new car. By tracking your driving habits, you can see which models are the best fit for you. You can also get a feel for how much money you will need to spend on repairs and maintenance.

If you plan on driving your car for a long time, a mileage log can be very helpful for your mileage tax deduction. There are several ways to do this but an app may be the easiest solution that helps you track mileage without much effort.

What’s the Best Way to Log your Miles?

How to log miles for taxes: It can be hard to decide which is the best way for you. But the best way to log your miles is to find a method that works for you and that you enjoy.

Some people like to keep a running journal, while others prefer to use a mileage tracking app on their phones. There are also online mileage tracking tools, like MileageWise, that you can access from any computer.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you keep a log of your mileage for a tax year so that you can track your progress and file your business tax return.

Can I Track Mileage on the Go?

Do you love tracking your mileage on your car dashboard or on a spreadsheet? We do too! That’s why we’re excited to announce our newest feature: the ability to track mileage on the go!

Now, you can keep track of your mileage on the go, whether you’re driving to work or for business purposes.

The IRS offers you the actual expense method to manually calculate the business usage of your vehicle for a tax deduction, but now, you can just open the MileageWise app and start tracking!

We’ll keep track of how far you’ve traveled, the time it took, and the average speed you were traveling at.

We hope that our new mileage tracking feature will make it easier for you to stay on top of your travel expenses and track your progress.


People used to do things like journaling their travels on paper. Now, the quickest, easiest, and most profitable way to do it is through a mileage tracker app.

MileageWise offers a number of features to help you save on mileage taxes, including an average of $12,000 in deductions per year, AI-powered technology to recreate forgotten mileage, and 3+1 automatic trip tracking modes.

Furthermore, MileageWise offers a VIP mileage log preparation service to help you stay compliant with IRS regulations.

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