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Project 28

So, recently I was pretty bored at home. This pandemic and lockdown was on my nerves. With working from home you have a little extra time than usual. One day while I was sitting idle I came across this wonderful idea. Why don’t I do something exciting everyday and note it down in my diary. At the end of the month I would share this with you people. So here I am,

Read and Make your Own List

1. I made some healthy whole meal pancakes and shared the recipe
2. Mum always sends me pictures of Alfie being silly and whatnot, here he’s wearing mum’s glasses
3. I felt a little bit like this for some of February
4. And cooked quite a bit, homemade Chicken Curry, not just a pretty face 
5. A little reminder of why I’m here
6. Exercising tee
7. Glenn and I had a little BBQ, no shrimp, just burgers and chicken 
8. Some photography practice, Mount Isa town
9. The sky has been utterly breathtaking lately, I just want to take snap after snap
10. My birthday, 24! No longer in my early twenties. Glenn baked me a Malt ice cream cake, too good!
11. 10 Lessons Learnt from One Year in Australia post
12. Who says I can’t eat cake in the afternoon 
13. Baking valentines cookies!
14. Our little valentines cards to each other
15. My cousin Jordan’s art project, very talented
16. Homemade Caesar Salad by yours truly
17. Mum’s birthday
18. Super happy with my purchase from photography concentrate
19. This is not my photo, it’s from the community Facebook page – awesome!
20. Photography practice
21. I jogged a mile on the treadmill for the first time, slowly yes but I done it! No walking in between #smallfeats
22. Photographing the Peacocks by the lake, the male courtship is extraordinary
23. I’ve been lacking inspiration lately so I wrote about it
24. Very true
25. Smoked cod, yum
26. Baking cookies again (soo bad)
27. I started reading this book to help me with my creative habits and eating/exercise habits
28. Date night outfit

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