Self Storage Restrictions 

Self-storage restrictions within the self-storage industry are very flexible about what you can store.  Although there are few restrictions, you need to be aware of what you can or can not store in your space.  If you have any doubts about the restrictions on your possessions that are storing, be sure to consult your provider before you rent or lease.

Need if say more.  Materials of this nature are very dangerous to the person that is storing it and any other people that may be in the vacinity of the storage unit. Nobody wants to be injured or sued because of gas explosions, fuel or fireworks accidents. You will be required to empty all fuel tanks including your lawnmower before placing them in your space. Contains units can trap dangerous gases that can be potentially dangerous to your life. Not only is it cruel and usual punishment it is illegal to store or raise pets or animals. 

Safe & Secure

People believe that they can access, feed & care of animals but is very mistaken.  Animals will attract vermin and can also get you prosecuted by the law. Some people think it makes sense to store kitchen food items in a space for a short time until a move is complete. Although this may seem ok, it will attrack vermins and spoil of short periods of time which makes this something that should be avoided at all cost. No executive storage in Dubai will allow you to store illegal or stolen goods on their premises. 

Doing so creates a huge liability for the provider and can end you up in jail. When it comes to getting your items stored, you might need to get the items moved back at some point. Moving can be a really time-consuming task, but if you are based in UAE you can easily find some best movers in Dubai to assist you with it.

Some self-storage provider will allow you to store guns or rifles but will not. It just depends on the individual locations policies. Be sure to unload any firearm and make sure that they are safe & secure in locked containers in the space. Some providers will allow you to store jewelry & valuable in your unit such as jewelry, coins and precious metals, etc although they may require you to have and show proof of insurance to cover specific items. Most locations refuse to allow storing of material with fragrances that will cause significant odors on the premise. Facilities will always refuse to allow hazardous, toxic or chemical materials on site as they can cause accidents and damage if they spill, explode or there is a fire.

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