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Jill Donenfeld interviews Lindefelt and Fredrik of  SDM band to watch The LK. Look for their new album VS. the Snow out March 4th on The Kora Records.  You can pre-order the album here.

JD: Good morning, Lindefelt!

LK: Hey Jill! How are you?

JD: I was a bit sleepy a minute ago, but a quick dose of LK and I’m doin’ ok now. How about you?

LK: Really good thanks.

JD: Great, let’s get ‘er started.

LK: Yeah, Fred says hi, by the way.

JD: Hi to Fred! I can actually pronounce his name—and to start off on the subject of names: you guys are called the LK, sort of in light of the previous rendition of the band, The Lovekevins. So, who’s Kevin, and why the name change?

LK (Fred): The Max Léon EP [the Lovekevins EP] was actually recorded live. And we even had a pirate radio broadcast doing live stuff. After a few gigs in Sweden and England, the band as such broke up. Lisa got a proper job. Henrik left and concentrated on his noise kraut thing. Both of us took some time off and eventually started out solo.

Continue the interview, check out tour dates, and grab some mp3′s after the jump…

JD: I see. So everyone sorta bailed for more stable life styles? But you guys stuck it out?

LK: Sort of. We started doing stuff on our own: Fredrik as Fredrik; Lindefelt as Lindefelt. The LK and Vs the Snow is all about us getting back together making music again. I eventually joined Fred’s solo thing, too. AND, we started a label. So now we keep ourselves pretty busy. Hence, the name-change.

JD: I see. But who is Kevin? And, just to be straight, Vs the Snow is the name of the EP?

LK: No, Vs the Snow is a full album out March 4 on The Kora…Kevin is an Australian guy I met in Paris long ago; strangest guy I ever met… Haha.

JD: So, you skipped an EP for LK and went straight to full album and you named the band after a weird Australian dude. Does he know? You know, this might qualify you also as a bit strange.

LK: No doubt.

JD: Well, if he does know, I’m sure he’s thrilled about the way his namesake band sounds. You guys are so refreshing.

LK: Thanks Jill.

JD: A few blogs are really lumping you into the “Swedish pop” category. Do you identify with any other Swedish bands?

LK: Well, we have been playing with Suburban Kids With Biblical Names a lot. We’re really good friends and we like them a lot.

JD: I see. Yeah, they are quite cute. Your sound is pretty different than Suburban though, wouldn’t you say? Though there are similarities…

LK: Yeah, I think we sound very different. I think Studio is a good band.

JD: I like Studio—rad. Do you identify with them as influences? Or, other fellow Swedes?

LK: And Majessic Dreams… And Holiday for Strings. But to be honest, I think we listen more to French, English, American and Japanese music.

JD: Cool, Cool. Such as? Let’s have out with a few!

LK: And Canadian. And Canadian.

JD: Okay.

LK: Here’s a few: Ghost, Boredoms, Jacques Dutronc, France Gall, Pasccal Comelade,, Panda Bear, Caribou, Cornelius, The Ronettes, Final Fantasy… and Ivor Cutler… that was the most played albums on my computer the last couple of weeks.

JD: Wowza. Ivor Cutler is very strange. Some I know, some I don’t. You’ve given me lots to Google. So: Your album: out March 4… is the US or just Sweden?

LK: Actually, it’s US only.

JD: Ahhh, ok. Because of the label? Are you using your recognition as the LoveKevins to get buzz for this album or are they two different beasts?

LK: They are very different beasts. You see, Vs the Snow is the first LK record. The other stuff is long sold out, mostly on export to tiny Japanese record stores. We don’t play those songs anymore.

JD: So, you guys are emerging as this badass duo and you might need to leave the early stuff behind. I got it. What’s the process been for developing the LK sound?

LK: Well, since we got back together we’ve been working pretty much as two combined solo efforts. Fred’s the songwriter, and I’m into sound. And we both like melody. We usually bring in a couple of ideas each and start to wrestle it. It always starts out in total chaos, and so little by little we shape it into something new. Things either remain chaotic, or take on structure, usually depending on the mood we’re in – and how much time we have until deadline. For “VS the Snow”, I think we had quite a bit of time.

JD: Cool…

LK (Fred): But there’s no such thing as a finished LK song. Everything changes all the time. Playing live we continue toying with the music and try out new ideas. The songs change a lot between shows. I think that’s why we started remixing stuff too.

LK (Lindefelt): It’s all very graphical. We basically don’t talk about the details of the music itself – chords, measures etc. It’s more like we picture a sequence of images and come up with a soundtrack to it. That goes for the lyrics as well. I can’t say which comes first, though. I guess it varies. I have this thing called synesthesia. It makes my brain mix things up, mostly sound and color. It used to scare the hell out of me, but now I just go with it.

JD: Yeah, hard drugs can make ya mix those up, too.

LK (Fred): We generally try to be very hands-on about things, not getting technical or theoretical or anything. You wouldn’t catch us discussing guitar strings or vintage amps. I don’t see how that would make any sense.

LK (Lindefelt): A lot of people point out how the record sounds electronic. But everything we do is chunks of real sound, usually voice, guitar, a couple of drums and a few other sounds, cut to pieces and glued together. It’s not more electronic than your average country villain, but definitely scrambled and in the wrong order. We record everything pretty much on the fly, so some sounds come out pretty rough. And some don’t. We just do what feels natural to get it right in our heads. Given how we play and make music, it’s very natural to use live visuals. We do stuff of our own and cooperate with dedicated visual artists. For the US tour we’ll be using stuff from Kristofer Strom, Peter Larsson, Kristian Nihlén and Sebastian Rozenberg.

JD: Wow, that’s a pretty impressive train of thought. So, the US tour…

LK: Yeah. We’re really looking forward to it. We’re playing at Club Midway in the Lower East Side on March 25.

JD: Cool. Marked in my calendar.


The LKPrivate Life of a Cat (mp3)
The LK - Blackboy vs. The Snow (mp3)
The LKEurovision (mp3)

Announced Tour Dates:

03.08.08 – DC – House of Sweden
03.09.08 – DC – The Kennedy Center (free show at 6pm)
03.10.08 – Atlanta – Park Grounds w/ The Kiwis
03.11.08 – Houston – Super Happy Fun Land
03.13.08 – Austin – Homeslice Pizza day party
03.14.08 – Austin – Day Party, details TBA
03.15.08 – Austin – official SXSW kora showcase – Habana Calle 6
03.16.08 – Dallas – Good Records
03.18.08 – Urbana – U of I Interactive Media Center
03.19.08 – Chicago – Darkroom
03.20.08 – Detroit – Scrummage University
03.21.08 – Pittsburgh – U of Pitt – William Pitt Union’s Assembly Room
03.22.08 – Cinci – Contemporary Arts Center
03.23.08 – Alfred, NY – Terra Cotta Coffee Shop
03.25.08 – New York – Club Midway
03.27.08 – Baltimore – tba
03.31.08 – DC – Black Cat
More to be announced.

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